2003 Chevy Corvette
86th Indy 500
May 26, 2002

The Corvette served as the Indy 500 pace car for a record-setting fifth time at the 2002 Indianapolis 500.  The car was a 2003-model 50th Anniversary Edition Corvette coupe, which kicked off a year-long celebration of the nameplate's 50th birthday.  The pace car was driven by  actor Jim Caviezel.  2002 marked the 13th time that a Chevrolet served as the Indy 500 pace car, the most appearances by any brand.

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Three of the first 2003 Corvette coupes were outfitted for pace car duty at the speedway.  The cars were "Anniversary Red" with gold wheels and were essentially stock, with only minor upgrades to the suspension, transmission, and exhaust systems, plus mandatory safety features.

Although official pace car replicas could not be ordered from Chevrolet, decal packages were eventually produced for the 50th Anniversary coupe and convertible.  Reproduction decal packages are also available from Phoenix Graphix.

The three pace cars were supported by a fleet Chevrolet vehicles.  The 2002 track and festival cars included three 2002 Corvette convertibles in Speedway White and a fleet of sixty-two Sebring Silver 2002 Chevy Camaro Z28 convertibles.  These cars were decorated with Indy 500 graphics and were used for the 500 Festival Parade and for VIP transportation.  Chevrolet also provided a wide variety of support and staff vehicles including Avalanches, TrailBlazers, Ventures, and several different S-10 pickups.

In addition to the 2003 Corvette pace car and 2002 Corvette and Camaro track and festival cars, an additional sixty-six 2002 Corvettes were used as part of the Indy 500 festivities.  Thirty-three Millennium Yellow and thirty-three Quicksilver Corvette convertibles decorated with the 2002 Indy 500 logo and American flags were used during the pre-race parade laps to honor our veterans.  These cars were part of a dealer promotion and were distributed to Chevy dealers around the North Central region to be sold to the public after the race.  A list of dealerships receiving Indy 500 festival cars can be found here.

Official press release: Chevrolet Corvette To Pace 86th Indianapolis 500

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2003 Corvette press photo

2002 Indy 500 track car
(2002 Corvette convertible)

2002 Indy 500 track car
(2002 Camaro Z28 convertible)

2002 Indy 500 dealer promo cars
(2002 Corvette convertibles)

IRL Official Vehicle

2002 Corvettes and TrailBlazers
on their way to the prep facility


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