Chevy Camaro
51st Indy 500
May 30, 1967

In 1967, Chevrolet added a new muscle car to its lineup, the Camaro.  It was a top-of-the-line SS396 version of the new Camaro that was selected as the pace car for the '67 Indy 500.  It was the first time that Chevrolet had paced the 500 since 1955, and only the third time ever.  The car was driven by three-time Indy winner Mauri Rose.

Chevrolet produced 81 Camaros for use as pace cars and festival cars, some powered by the 396ci, 375-hp L-78 big-block V8 and others with a 350ci, 295-hp L-48 small block engine.1  (Although the actual pace car was powered by an L-78 engine, additional enhancements produced more than the stock 375-hp.2)  In addition to the 81 festival and pace cars, an additional 21 pace car edition Camaros were produced after the 500 for export to Canada.  This production run included 10 L-48 cars and 11 powered by a 325-hp version of the 396ci big-block.  In addition, dealers could also create their own "Pacesetter" Camaro.3

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